Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pearl Jam? What's that?

This was a question posed by mom this weekend. I mentioned I liked Pearl Jam and she asks, "Pearl Jam? What's that?" So, jokingly/ sarcastically, I say it's a new type of jam for toast. For instance when mom asked years ago what's Dick's? and I said it was a male strip joint thinking she was kidding and actually knew.


My mom has lived here for well over 30yrs. now and apparently at no point in this time, not even when I was going to high school during the whole "grunge" era, has she ever heard of Pearl Jam.

Really? Mom. Yes, really.  Granted it is a generational thing but I'm guessing some parents know of Pearl Jam. Some older folks had to have heard of them at some point. Then again my Canadian grandma calls Facebook Spacebook but at least she was in the general direction of knowing the name of a social network.


Giving walk by wisdom to anyone who doesn't ask for it. We told you so...

Mom was at work last week when she overheard a woman tell her teen son, in Spanish, to hurry up, your too slow and you'll never get a job here.

Mom said he looked to be about 17 or 18 and he was applying for a job at Macy's. Now mom hears this as she is going in the back to clock out. When she comes back the boy is still there but the mom is gone. So she decides to ask him if he needs any help. No. Then she tells him that she overheard what his mom said and told him that his mother loves him and that sometimes people say things they don't mean but trust her your mom loves you and sometimes people get frustrated. Finish your application, you'll get the interview dress nicely put a smile on be confident and you'll get the job.

At this point his mom comes back and my mom pulls her aside and says, (paraphrasing here)

 Senora, please be patient with your son. He is at least trying to get a job and whether or not he's slow he should always be encouraged to do his best and try for anything. Not everyone learns or moves at the same pace. I know you love your son but please don't discourage him from anything that may be good for him.

I love my mom.