Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pearl Jam? What's that?

This was a question posed by mom this weekend. I mentioned I liked Pearl Jam and she asks, "Pearl Jam? What's that?" So, jokingly/ sarcastically, I say it's a new type of jam for toast. For instance when mom asked years ago what's Dick's? and I said it was a male strip joint thinking she was kidding and actually knew.


My mom has lived here for well over 30yrs. now and apparently at no point in this time, not even when I was going to high school during the whole "grunge" era, has she ever heard of Pearl Jam.

Really? Mom. Yes, really.  Granted it is a generational thing but I'm guessing some parents know of Pearl Jam. Some older folks had to have heard of them at some point. Then again my Canadian grandma calls Facebook Spacebook but at least she was in the general direction of knowing the name of a social network.


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