Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And she's off!

This is just a short anecdotal story of mom. She’s been planning a trip back to Panama for about two weeks now but no matter how much “planning” goes into it, it always seems like nothing was really planned. Buying the ticket, finding her passport, making sure she has her immigration card and then packing her two suitcases is crazy. It’s always two suitcases and sometimes it’s a wonder they make it to Panama.
She packs one suitcase for herself and the other is gifts for the family. You know the normal gifts like clothes, jewelry, six Hickory Farm’s Beef Summer Sausages that were frozen and stuffed into the suitcase at the last minute as well as three Hickory Farm’s Fruit Cakes. Yes, mmmm….sausage and fruit cake, both products being remnants of the Christmas season. It’s March. At least the sausage has been frozen but I’m pretty sure the fruit cakes have been hanging out somewhere in her room. Then again it is fruit cake and I think even after the nuclear plume has settled and the world has been decimated the cockroaches and fruit cake will be left behind. But I digress…
In her craze to get everything packed and ready she pulls out her stash of airline luggage tags that she snags from the airport the previous year. Mom is, shall we say, not very mindful of what she reads on labels of any kind. As a kid I remember her coming home with what she thought was shampoo and conditioner when in fact it was just two different colored bottles of conditioner. This happened quite often.
So before I drive her to catch the shuttle she asked me to read the tags to make sure they were correct. The first line is easy- Name: yes! She got that right. Second line- e-mail address: Panama. Third line- Mailing address: here she put’s my aunts phone number in Panama and half of her home address.
Hopefully her luggage doesn’t get lost.

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