Saturday, March 19, 2011

I want my Mommy!

It is times like this that I realize how much I take picking up the phone and calling my Mom for granted. Since she is in the country of her people right now (Panama for those of you that don't know), I won't talk to her for the next two weeks unless she calls me. She doesn't carry a mobile phone and she bounces from one place to another so much while she's there, I wouldn't even know where to call.
I have wanted to call her for the past few days. I'M SICK! And... I WANT MY MOMMY! I call her every time I feel like my head is going to explode or I'm so stuffy I can't breathe out of my left nostril for days. She always tells me the same thing. "Jou need to dreenk a lot a water." She then gives me specific instructions on how to make what I like to call, "science project chicken soup." Why did I give her chicken concoction this name? Well, that is what it looks like. It is a simple brew really. All you do is boil a chicken with some garlic, celery, I think carrots and cilantro. Have you ever seen a boiled chicken? Tastes like chicken, but looks like a science project. To top it off, she will sometimes pour all the contents of her finished product in a mason jar. A chicken carcas floating in a glass jar. That is what gives it the look. She doesn't take the skin off (yuck), and the boiled cilantro looks like some sort of seaweed. It is a mess.

I have never made "science project chicken soup," but I appreciate the recipe everytime I call. I enjoy hearing my Mom console me, telling me not to drink "the milk" and asking me if Cody (my husband) is taking care of me. If I had my way and I was closer, I would just go to Mom's house and plant myself on her couch. She takes care of me the best.

So as I sit here; throat sore, bad cough, and waiting for the fever to break, I think about my Mommy and how even when I'm not sick, I hate it when she leaves the country for any period of time. I don't like that feeling I get knowing I won't be able to just pick up the phone and talk to her anytime I need her when I'm under the weather, need her great advice or call just to say hello. It may just be for two weeks, but it seems like a year.

I have learned even at my age, and I'm still so young, (ha, ha) their is still that little girl inside me that needs her mom. I always will. I'm so grateful to have her. Now everyone... go call your mom. Tell her you love her and appreciate all her wisdom.

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