Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm going to tell you something!

My Mom always has something to say. She says it with an accent and even after almost 40 years of living in the United States, some people still can't understand her. And she is speaking English!! But after the English to English translation, the backwards speaking, and sometimes the Spanglish dialect that only she knows, she has made people laugh. She has made others weep, and she has shared her opinions and wisdom with everyone around her. Not everyone has enjoyed listening to her spout what she perceives to be right or wrong and some have chosen not to listen at all, but those are the ones that don't like to hear the truth. She loves to tell you the truth!
And now, we are here to tell you the ups and downs of Ida. You will want to hear her thoughts and opinions. She will tell you what she thinks if you ask, but be prepared! She's not going to hold back. I guarantee you will sometimes laugh so hard you will cry and sometimes you will sob until you are out of tears. You will always walk away with the truth and wisdom of a wonderful woman that wants to see the best for everyone. Oh, and here and there we will tell you stories, past and present about this little 5'2" Panamanian spitfire. She is a hoot! Here we go!

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